K-Tuned KRH-9TH-K24 Header for 2012-2015 Honda Civic Si 9th Gen


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K-Tuned KRH-9TH-K24 Header for 2012-2015 Honda Civic Si 9th Gen


  • 12-15 Civic Si 
* Fits both Coupe and Sedan
* Highly recommended to upgrade the rear engine mount to a HASPORT rear mount to limit movement.
* Copper Sealers is needed for all unions except between the cast portion and the head
* Replacement studs are 40mm-1.55' and nuts are 3/8th -24, replacement hardware is available as a special order
From the manufacturer:
The 9th Gen Honda Civic SI seems to be following right along in the footsteps of the 8th Gen design. Both cars are pretty similar in style on the outside, but under the hood, the 2012 and up chassis now comes with a bigger K24Z engine and a brand new cylinder head design. Looking a bit more closely at the exhaust side, you'll notice that the exhaust ports all merge together into a single outlet flange that is cast directly into the head itself. Bolted up to this flange you'll find the stock catalytic converter positioned right before the exhaust piping. It is pretty much common knowledge that stock catalytic converters can be very restrictive and when they are deleted or replaced with high flow units, the result is noticeable increases in performance.

The K-Tuned 9th Gen Downpipe completely replaces the factory catalytic section with a free flowing 3" downpipe. We started things off with a cast stainless steel housing, designed to offer a smooth transition from the head flange to the exiting 2-bolt exhaust flange. The T304 stainless 3" diameter pipe section is beautifully tig welded and bolts up to the housing, before heading downward perfectly past the factory subframe and swaybar. Welded into the lower part of the downpipe is a high quality Vibrant Turbo Flex section with interlocking inner liner to absorb the normal engine movement. On the cast housing, we positioned 2 x O2 sensor bungs, one for the primary O2 and a second for an accessory O2 sensor, which we also include a plug for in case it is unused. We include all the hardware needed for installation, including: 1 x O2 plug, 2 x serrated M8 nuts, 1 x M8 bolt and 1 x M8 washer for the housing to head connection. Note that some of the original hardware will still be used to hold the housing in place. Be sure to check out our K-Tuned 9th Gen 3" Exhaust System, it will mate up perfectly to our downpipe and gains will increase even more with our complete system.

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