Driveshaft Shop RA4005L0-RA4006L0

Driveshaft Shop Performance Axles Level 0 (K-Series 96-00 w/ Stock EK Subfame)

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  1. Budget axles for your build.
  2. Correct length for easy install.
  • The Driveshaft Shop Level 0 Axle is a new axle designed and made for basic swaps and is an alternative to cheap rebuilt units. This is NOT a racing axle in any way, shape or form; Driveshaft Shop offers this axle so you can complete your build on a budget and purchase the correct racing axles at a later date. These axles are designed as an alternative to cheap re-builts or inferior aftermarket axles.

    DSS uses a chromoly center bar, a real billet inner CV joint with a larger oversized tripod. The inner and outer joints are heat treated for extra protection. In addition, the outer CV joint on our level 0 axle is custom made with a single arc design this prevents long term wear; over a factory dual arc design that tends to wear out prematurely. This is a superior axle for any stock replacement or swap. Axles come with removable ABS rings. 

  • What is the warranty for the performance axles?

    The Level 0 has no warranty against breakage. DSS Level 2.9, 3.9 and Level 5.9 have a 1-year warranty. Warranty covers broken or worn parts for the term. Boots are not covered under this warranty. You will be responsible for shipping to the factory and DSS will pay to ship back for warranty repairs. For out of country sales, shipping both ways will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

    How does the warranty work?

    The warranty covers the repair of the original unit. Most companies don't cover performance products at all, but the Driveshaft shop believes in our products and is willing to go the extra mile for you. If you have a warranty claim do not reorder the axle and send in the old one as a defect. The claim will be repaired and you will have 2 axles.

    How long will a repair take?

    Turn around time is about 3-4 days. We will cover UPS ground shipping (within the states) only. No overnight air or out of the country shipping will be covered. It is your responsibility to get the axles to us and get them back.