Apexi 156-A019

Apexi 156-A019 WS Muffler High-Flow Universal, (NA or Turbo-70mm.)

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Apexi 156-A019 WS Muffler High-Flow Universal, (NA or Turbo-70mm.)

Exhaust tip style: Oval-Dual wall rolled, Angle cut

Tip: 105mm

Muffler Canister: 100mm

Inlet: 70m

Overall Length: 646mm

Muffler Construction: SUS304 Stainless Steel

The Apex Universal muffler series is the perfect choice for those who want to fabricate a unique one-off exhaust either for a race car or a custom street car. Now, the racing heritage and performance power of Apex can be felt on practically any vehicle. With turbo and non-turbo applications, the universal Series provides a cost effective and versatile choice for exhaust system development. All Mufflers are constructed of polished SUS304 stainless steel. Welding is required for installation. Brackets and hangers are not included. Horsepower gains will vary according to vehicle and exhaust piping configuration. Use of a resonator is recommended for street car applications (not included).

The WS2 Exhaust series is the A'PEX answer to the ultimate street muffler system with all around performance. The canister and inlet piping is made of the highest grade polished SUS304 stainless steel. This muffler has always been the standard for aftermarket street exhaust systems. The oval canister houses a newly designed rolled tip for an extremely high class finish. Interior construction has been fine tuned for even more low to mid-range power.

CONCEPT: Top-of-class street muffler combining both style and performance
CHARACTERISTICS: Mid to high-end powe